Friday, January 10, 2003

hey.. i know i havent posted in a long time.. well alot went on.. well i cant say alot of it.. well Russ got in to a fight.. and im sorta scared of him now.. The girl on my bus knows him.. and she said not to .. i should just feel more safe ... knowing he could do something if something ever happen to me.. but still that thought.. i just . feel so .. i dont know.. im in love with him.. and i dont know what the fuck to do anymore.. ahhhhhh!!!.. i just give up.. i dont care anymore.. i dont wanna be alone.. i wanna be with him.. i wanna be okay... wendy .. i know i shouldnt be scared.. but i am.. i dont know why.. i didnt wanna ever see him fight.. i didnt ever wanna see that as close as i was.. i just looked at him.. and he looked at me.. he seems pretty proud... i know he was just mad. and i know i have nothing to worry bout.. but..i just ugghhhhhhh.. i give up.. well im gonna go now.. i'll talk to you all later.. bye bye

Friday, December 27, 2002

'm kinda bored.. hah... joel's stupid.. i swear..he didnt even know tis was me.. hah.. thats funny.. well anyway.. i'm hungry...oh well i'lll get food later.. UH!. i hate joel.. i hate him.. anyway.. i hate all men.. but anyway. i'm knida bored... but i'm gonna go so i can get something to eat
bye bye

Thursday, December 26, 2002

hey everyone.. i got myslef a cam.. yea it sorta sucks but i dont mind.. its kinda cool.. but i'm gonna get a better one.. i unno.. i'm really umm annoyed.. some people piss me off.. jesa should be commin over soon .. maybe.. and we can cam.. ;-).. hah..
for some reason i'm pissed off and i unno why.. my boyfriend is i unno.. doin something to make me mad.. god i hate the holiday.. I HATE THEM I HATE THEM.. URGGG!!.. MY DAD GOT ME A CD PLAYER! for once something nice.. hah.. yea i dont think my dad loves me that much anymore.. but thats okay
im like pissed or something, depressed or something i unno why tho... i feel negleted and i unno y...
uh.. i hate men..i need to go skating.. but i cant.. cuz its to snowy out.. skatin is really the only thing that make me feel better.. i unno.. something bout the way i feel when i'm on it makes me feel happy.. the way the wind goes in my face..i know that sounds funny.. but its the truth.. but i gotta go ya'll.. have a merry christmas

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

hmmm.. i give up on talking to anyone.. they all piss me the fuck off.. someone that i thought i really liked.. fuck to day he was like "i want you" i was like "cuse me?".. UH!. god.. he was sayin how he didnt wanna fuck this one girl.. but he wanted to fuck.. like i care?.. and he was saying all this shit.. so he was basicly askin me to fuck him .. god.. i thought he was different.. look at that .. wrong again.. UH!..
i wish i was wrong bout a few things.. but i guess not..
someone keeps sayin that Avril Lavigne is a poser.. thats fucked up.. what is she a poser for being her self, huh?.. i know not everyone has to like her.. but plz think of a better reason to not like her.. ARG!.
i got post-its. yay, yea of my ex's called me tellin me all these lies and shit.. i didnt listen.. cuz i dont care anymore.. i'm gettin my cam on xmas.. YAY!.. anyway i gotta go ... buh bye

Monday, December 23, 2002

umm.. UNGROUNDED!!! YAY. anyway.. got back from xmas shoppin fun fun.. my feet and my back hurts.. and i gotta call me dad and complain that my mom need xmas money and that i need him to buy me tampons.. okay that was a over share.. anyway.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS .. hah.. yea.. my friend jesa is commin over after christmas .. and i got my cam *wink wink* .. hahh

i feel really bad for Brit.. i'm not gonna say what .. b/c i dont know what she cares for me to tell or not.. but i wont.. so you should bad for her to ..

my cat and dog love each other.. thats why they chases each other.. and mess things up.... ahHHHHHH for once i really dont have much to say.. yea usualy big long post.. but i'm gonna go now.. i have a headach..hmm...


Saturday, December 21, 2002

uh.. i think that i'm gonna die... hey Russ i dont like you no more.. how bout that one.. and doug i dont wanna care bout you .. and there is no US.. its over.. no more..I DONT CARE ANYMORE... IM NOT LETTIN ANY OF THIS SHIT BOTH ME ANYMORE

and Brittany bout the music thing.. god get over it.. its just music. its not like it a boy or something. life will go on if i listen to it to.

umm,... there is this new girl at our school.. omg what a bitch .. i swear she made fun of everyone at our school.. this girl on my bus was tellin me how she made fun of everyone in school... i was geez.. what did we ever do to her.. she said she was here on punishment.. who knows.. but the girl on my bus was bout ready to rip her apart.. i was like GOOO the girl on my bus

note... i will not put your name on here unless i chould give shitless.. thank you

on christmas i get a cam.. YAY .. woo hoo.. lol.. anyway.. thats all for now.. buh byee

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

hey.. yea.. me and brittany are fighting.. because she got me listenin to The Used. and stuff.. ohh welll.. anyway.. i'm really bored.. hah.. yea i'm still grounded.. i'm at school.. yay, what fun. wendy went home eairly.. damn her.. i wanna leave..i have a shit load of stuff to make up for science.. i give up on things. yes...... some people piss me the fuck off... i mean com'on.. when i say no to something i mean NOO.. damnit... robby wanted to see my song that i wrote.and i said no.. but he wouldnt leave me the fuck alone about it.. so i punched him.. in english i was readin my english project...and it was funny i guess.. everyone was laffin... tho i got like a 15/30.. hah .. yea. i suck and i know it.. ronnie punched me in the lip today.. i was "crying"...and i said it was "bleeding"..and he felt bad.. and i a laffed.and he punched me agian.. i have somethin to write something to write but i dont want to right now.. wel gotta go.. bye