Friday, December 27, 2002

'm kinda bored.. hah... joel's stupid.. i swear..he didnt even know tis was me.. hah.. thats funny.. well anyway.. i'm hungry...oh well i'lll get food later.. UH!. i hate joel.. i hate him.. anyway.. i hate all men.. but anyway. i'm knida bored... but i'm gonna go so i can get something to eat
bye bye

Thursday, December 26, 2002

hey everyone.. i got myslef a cam.. yea it sorta sucks but i dont mind.. its kinda cool.. but i'm gonna get a better one.. i unno.. i'm really umm annoyed.. some people piss me off.. jesa should be commin over soon .. maybe.. and we can cam.. ;-).. hah..
for some reason i'm pissed off and i unno why.. my boyfriend is i unno.. doin something to make me mad.. god i hate the holiday.. I HATE THEM I HATE THEM.. URGGG!!.. MY DAD GOT ME A CD PLAYER! for once something nice.. hah.. yea i dont think my dad loves me that much anymore.. but thats okay
im like pissed or something, depressed or something i unno why tho... i feel negleted and i unno y...
uh.. i hate men..i need to go skating.. but i cant.. cuz its to snowy out.. skatin is really the only thing that make me feel better.. i unno.. something bout the way i feel when i'm on it makes me feel happy.. the way the wind goes in my face..i know that sounds funny.. but its the truth.. but i gotta go ya'll.. have a merry christmas

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

hmmm.. i give up on talking to anyone.. they all piss me the fuck off.. someone that i thought i really liked.. fuck to day he was like "i want you" i was like "cuse me?".. UH!. god.. he was sayin how he didnt wanna fuck this one girl.. but he wanted to fuck.. like i care?.. and he was saying all this shit.. so he was basicly askin me to fuck him .. god.. i thought he was different.. look at that .. wrong again.. UH!..
i wish i was wrong bout a few things.. but i guess not..
someone keeps sayin that Avril Lavigne is a poser.. thats fucked up.. what is she a poser for being her self, huh?.. i know not everyone has to like her.. but plz think of a better reason to not like her.. ARG!.
i got post-its. yay, yea of my ex's called me tellin me all these lies and shit.. i didnt listen.. cuz i dont care anymore.. i'm gettin my cam on xmas.. YAY!.. anyway i gotta go ... buh bye

Monday, December 23, 2002

umm.. UNGROUNDED!!! YAY. anyway.. got back from xmas shoppin fun fun.. my feet and my back hurts.. and i gotta call me dad and complain that my mom need xmas money and that i need him to buy me tampons.. okay that was a over share.. anyway.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS .. hah.. yea.. my friend jesa is commin over after christmas .. and i got my cam *wink wink* .. hahh

i feel really bad for Brit.. i'm not gonna say what .. b/c i dont know what she cares for me to tell or not.. but i wont.. so you should bad for her to ..

my cat and dog love each other.. thats why they chases each other.. and mess things up.... ahHHHHHH for once i really dont have much to say.. yea usualy big long post.. but i'm gonna go now.. i have a headach..hmm...