Friday, January 10, 2003

hey.. i know i havent posted in a long time.. well alot went on.. well i cant say alot of it.. well Russ got in to a fight.. and im sorta scared of him now.. The girl on my bus knows him.. and she said not to .. i should just feel more safe ... knowing he could do something if something ever happen to me.. but still that thought.. i just . feel so .. i dont know.. im in love with him.. and i dont know what the fuck to do anymore.. ahhhhhh!!!.. i just give up.. i dont care anymore.. i dont wanna be alone.. i wanna be with him.. i wanna be okay... wendy .. i know i shouldnt be scared.. but i am.. i dont know why.. i didnt wanna ever see him fight.. i didnt ever wanna see that as close as i was.. i just looked at him.. and he looked at me.. he seems pretty proud... i know he was just mad. and i know i have nothing to worry bout.. but..i just ugghhhhhhh.. i give up.. well im gonna go now.. i'll talk to you all later.. bye bye